Carah Ronan, a 5th generation Montanan, grew up to be a woman who generously blends her passion for yoga, film, slow food, farming, and family into one creative and incredible life. She is a registered (E-RYT) international yoga teacher, certified in vinyasa flow, prenatal and postnatal yoga, restorative yoga, thai massage therapy, and is also a birth doula. She specializes in the art of manifestation (really, she’s legit) and keeping bodies strong and supple across the globe. She is grateful for her first teachers Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga and she continues to learn and grow on a daily basis with a wide net of amazing and inspiring teachers and students with the belief that yoga is not just on the mat, but in everyone and everything around us. Through her offerings she invites students to explore the spaces both inside and out. Carah received her masters of fine arts from Montana State University in Science and Natural History Filmmaking in 2008 and continues to bring social issues to light through documentary filmmaking and photography. You can find Carah exploring both on and off the mat- in her neighborhood and beyond; climbing, biking, slacklining, gardening and traveling.

evolve : take a deep breath and leap.

the ring my coffee mug leaves on my notebook, the pages once crisp, white and clean, now marked by a stain, an “imperfection”.

reaching for my pen tracing the lines of the ring on the page, then creating, flowing with the circular rhythm spiraling inward.

the creative expression and expansion of self as I look to the imperfection on the page not as burden but as opportunity.

letting go of the rigidity of the imperfections of your life and looking to them as a place to manifest and grow from: evolve your love into what you will become.